What are the Best Dog Food Brands?

bestdogfoodsWhen you consider pet supplies, food is one of the most important product you need to consider in your list. Your pet’s wellness and healthy are dependent on the overall maintenance of a balanced and healthy diet. It’s very important for pet owners to become educated about appropriate dog nutrition, and get some idea about the best dog food brands in the market. Before we discussed what the best dog food brands are, here is an overview of the basic nutritional needs of dogs.

Basic Nutritional Needs of Dogs

In order to understand what dogs need to remain happy and healthy, you need to consider that they’re omnivorous. Unlike cats, dogs aren’t obligate carnivores. However, they aren’t true omnivores either. In fact, you can say that dogs are omnivores of luxury and convenience. Most dog owners report that many dogs eat almost anything if given a chance. They don’t tend to be fussy.

Since dogs have descended from different species of ancestral wolves who roamed the planet hundreds of years ago, canines are more leaned toward the basic carnivorous side. Due to this, dog’s best thrive when they are given a diet rich in high quality meat protein. Meats from poultry and beef are the best choice. However, you shouldn’t feed them meat by-products.

According to experts, dogs can benefit from a wide range of vegetables and fruits. In addition to this, dogs can also enjoy many different whole grains, such as oats and barley. On the other hand, there are some experts that say dog food needs to be grain free. The primary reason is that most dogs are prone to allergies.

A lot of holistic and natural dog food brands contain various ingredients, such as rice, pumpkin, potatoes and cranberries. For some people, this may seem confusing. In simple terms, dogs should be given diets that have a higher protein to carbs ratio.

So what are the Best Dog Food Brands?

As mentioned above, while considering specific brands of dry food, you should choose the ones that are low in carbs and high in protein. Some of the most reputed dry dog food brands in the market include:

● Fromm

● Acana

● Orijen

● Life’s Abundance

● Halo

● Pinnacle

Besides this, you can also buy canned food for your dog. It’s worth mentioning that wet dog foods are the best choice for your dog’s diet. Despite the various pet food recalls in 2007, most experts claim that wet dog foods still offer the best and high quality nutrition for dogs. Moreover, they also contain more moisture than dry dog foods. Moisture is also important to your dog’s health. Some of the most reputed canned dog food brands include:

● Halo Spot’s Stew

● Hound & Gatos

● Weruva

Some dog owners consider these brands to be quite expensive. It’s true that some of these brands are priced higher than other dog food brands available in the market. However, with these brands, your dog will receive the best nutrition. Buying these dog foods will also save a lot of your money on vet bills, and associated heartache. Most importantly, your pet is worth it.