Invisalign Treatment – How it Works

Invisalign treatment is the most popular type of Invisalign treatment, and is one of the reasons for its popularity. Clear aligners are clear, removable plastic orthodontic braces which are used to correct teeth misalignment. They can be very helpful when tooth misalignment is due to decay, injury or overcrowding within the mouth.

Invisalign treatment

The Invisalign treatment is normally carried out at the dentist’s office. This means you have to make an appointment in advance if you wish to have this treatment. During your first visit the dentist will talk to you about your dental problem and give you a full examination. He will also ask you about any cosmetic dentistry plans that you have, and how much you are prepared to pay for the treatment.

Once your first appointment has finished you will be asked to go home with a specially designed mould from which to receive your Invisalign treatment. This mould will be used to make your new smile, and you will soon after feel the results. The treatments work by directing the teeth on to the right place, as opposed to traditional braces which have gaps in them. By following the treatment, and working to keep up with appointments, your teeth will soon look perfectly aligned. If you wish to go for more than one treatment, each will take place in turn over a period of time. The amount of time taken to achieve a perfect smile using Invisalign varies from person to person, depending on how quickly you can achieve the desired result.

An important part of the Invisalign treatment is that the wearer must be able to remove the aligner at will. The company encourages its users to wear the aligners as long as they are comfortable and in good health. You will have to pass strict health tests before being given the go ahead to receive an invisalign treatment, and must understand that there is no overnight results. It is advisable, therefore, to go in to receive your treatment at a time when you are reasonably relaxed.

The company produces two types of aligners: the Invisalign treatment trays and the Invisalign base. The trays are full-body forms which fit comfortably over the teeth. The base is a plastic or metal frame which rests on the bottom of your teeth. Both forms of Invisalign treatment are fitted with removable, pre-made aligners, so that the wearer can be certain that they get the best effect from their Invisalign treatment. The base can also be used to teach children good oral hygiene.

To begin the treatment, you will be given a series of plastic aligners to wear whilst receiving your invisalign treatment. These aligners will move slightly towards your teeth as you chew food and drink. This movement is natural, and you will not feel any discomfort or pain. The movement of the aligners will progress, and your teeth and gums will gradually move into position, until you have achieved your desired result.