Enable or disable automatic login via IP address on individual Pages

Wikipedia’s security group has not stated whether they will allow automatic login via IP address on individual Pages and Password Protected Directories. In general, the website relies on end-users to manage their own security. An IP address like may be attacking many accounts at once, so when an attempt to login occurs, the system should return “login failed” to the user. While this is not a great way to protect against concerted attacks, it is a great way to detect and stop them before they start.

Enable or disable automatic login via IP address on individual Pages and Password Protected Directories

If you’re concerned about security, you can disable automatic login through IP address by using the Accounts feature. This feature is enabled by default, and you can also disable it site-wide. However, this feature is only available for Pro versions.

To enable this feature, you must set the SEC_CASE_SENSITIVE_LOGON parameter to TRUE. The default value for this parameter is FALSE, but it’s recommended to set it to N to ensure that passwords are case sensitive.

Restrict/define the IP Addresses it can be logged in from

If you want to limit which IP addresses your users can log into your online accounts, you can do so by restricting them by IP address. When you connect to the Internet, your ISP will assign you an IP address. While this IP address might be static, you can use CIDR notation to limit IP addresses to specific ranges. ThisĀ 192.168.o.1 will help prevent the use of your account by users who are outside your company’s office.

Another way to restrict access is to restrict IP addresses to specific profiles. In the IP Addresses menu, you can select whether you want to restrict IP addresses for profiles or just to the web interface. You can enter a single IP address in the Beginning IP Address field, or you can specify a range or a lower IP address to prevent users from logging in from specific locations.

Location of login in the IP address

The location of login in the IP address depends on the source of the IP address. If a user is using VPN, proxy, or Tor browser, it may not be clear from where they’re logging in. Other factors may also be at play, such as the network configuration of a college or university. This can lead to users appearing to be in a different country. The location of the login can be very difficult to determine.