Art Legends

You may be wondering what exactly an Art legend is. Well, there are many! Some examples include Andy Warhol, Futura, Rammellzee, and more. Read on to learn about the legends of design. You may even be inspired to design your own! There is truly something for every artist out there! Whether you’re creating a home decor piece or a corporate identity, these artists are legends, and they’re making us look better!

Art legends

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Andy Warhol

The American artist Andy Warhol was born in Pittsburgh in 1927. He became famous after his 1965 film “Monster” was a hit in the United States. Unfortunately, he was shot by a radical feminist named Valerie Solanas in June 1968. Valerie Solanas misplaced Warhol’s manuscript and later accused him of stealing it. After his release, Warhol underwent surgery to remove his gallbladder and died.


Futura is one of the most recognizable names in street art today. Born and raised in Manhattan, Futura first gained recognition as a bike messenger before making the transition to full-blown artist. His subway explorations were an early indication of what was to come. Now, Futura’s work is sought after by brands such as McDonald’s and Vogue. The artist’s full-frame exhibition will help you appreciate the breadth of his oeuvre.


A pioneer of the New York City street art scene, Rammellzee has made his mark on the world of rap. The cult figure’s work has been featured in many museums, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. Currently, the artist is featured in a retrospective exhibition called RAMMSLLZSS: Racing for Thunder, which is on view at Red Bull Arts New York until August 28th.


The artworld has long been a place of legends and Boesky, artlegends has become a new home for some of the world’s most respected artists. The Boesky Gallery in New York City is home to some of the greatest living artists, including Minimalist icon Frank Stella and Arte Povera sculptor Pier Paolo Calzolari. His first major retrospective at the newly-opened Whitney building will include work by many of his international contemporaries.


If you’re looking for a contemporary art gallery in New York City, consider Greene Naftali. The gallery is located in the Chelsea neighborhood. You’ll find a wide variety of contemporary art works from some of the most exciting artists in the world. This gallery is definitely worth a visit. Its mission is to present the best in contemporary art. You’ll find a variety of artworks, including sculptures and paintings by emerging artists.


Founder and longtime owner of a Chelsea art gallery, Art Dealers & Collectors, Spellman has maintained a successful business for over 25 years. The gallery was founded at a crucial time for emerging artists in the New York area. It was in this time that the museum was awarded Spellman’s art for inclusion in artlegends. Now, Spellman’s gallery is celebrated on the world stage.